Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Colorswap with Elizabeth....a first for me

I simply had to show you the lovely box I got from Elizabeth my Yellow/orange swap pal from

I have never swapped before....but I love Lynne's blog at I Was Knit Together in My Mother's Womb and she was organizing a swap. Just look at the Koigu!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the softest sweetest yellow/orange. I cannot wait to cast on with it. The sock yarns are soft and wonderful. Oh, there was candy too, but....well, ummm
I couldn't find it when I took the blogphoto.....

It was a little like having a birthday when you aren't! Elizabeth should be getting her little package in a few days. I focused on her current state of Grandmother Euphoria and sent some things in Orange and Yellow that one might use for a newborn grandson and a one year old grandson.

Little spring socks in Knitpicks babydoll are almost finished. I am pondering what is next on the needles....with the new koigu most likely.
Tomorrow is an excuse to knit alot day. I'll tell you all about it if I survive and get back home unscathed tomorrrow. Wish me luck.

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Alyssa said...

What a great spring package! Hope you are feeling better and good luck tomorrow:)

Bernadette said...

What a fun package, and in such cheery colors!! Enjoy "playing" with your goodies!

Karen said...

I love your cheery colorswap package!!! I think this swap was a perfect one to make as your first. Good luck with whatever is going on tomorrow (or I guess it's today by now). I hope you are completely unscathed and get a ton of knitting done. :)

Donna Boucher said...

Such great colors! I love the Regia!!!

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