Thursday, March 23, 2006

Guest bloggers : Dutch

Well, won't she be surprised that she is getting yarn this spring instead of flowers. I'll take the yarn too, Troy if you are reading this. I know you lurk.

Oh I am so relieved that has corrected the posting issues. I was seriously becoming tense about the inability to post. I have planning the guest bloggers these days...especially when you play along.

Last night I made a stash yarn kercheif. It is darling. Start to finish in about 2 hours or more of knitting. I don't know of anyone who wears a kerchief right now, so I think I'll give it away and start a trend....

The new Vogue is Vogue. Fun to read, but made for those models to wear. Odds are I am not going to grow taller or become anorexic, so if I do find something I love, I'll be making it for someone else. Nothing wrong with that!

I've added this little line to the posts because I get a nonreply blah blah when I click on the commentor's name. MOST of you loyals I know, but if someone new drops in, I'd like to thank them for the comment. Thus far, I have no way to do so:

Please leave me your email or blog so I can thank you for your comment.


Kathy said...

This is a test. Computer issues. 3/23

Pat K said...

So are you going to show the "kerchief", or not? Curious readers want to know. :-)

Lynn said...

I too would like to see this kerchief. You just might be on the cutting edge of things here.
I hope to be getting back to Group sometime soon. I have had probelms with my back and have missed seeing you.

Bernadette said...

Ok, it's a consensus! Let's see the scarf! :) I love seeing quick little projects - especially those "spur of the moment" inspirations people get when thinking about how to use up their stash!

Birdsong said...

Love your comments about Vogue! On top of those two, I'm not going to get any younger either :) My fingerless mitts are from a Knitty pattern, and a great way to see how it feels to work with Kidsilk Haze before diving into a larger project (you could decided to skip the beads, to make it simpler). My email is Have a great weekend.

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