Friday, March 24, 2006

Al's heart lace scarf

Sorry no kerchief or coif photos yet. But how about Al's beautiful work on the Interweave scarf? I'll post another that isn't just the silhoutte next.

I thought I was finishing my sleeveless shell tonight; the frog thought otherwise. I will be ripping back one section of the front on Sunday. Something about one of the arm holes is kittywampus. If I only have to redo it once, I'll be okay. I can do it right on Sunday right? Any magic tips? Any good luck things I ought to try so the knitting fairies come by and help? Should I put out a bowl of angora or something?

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Bernadette said...

Kittywampus? That's a new one for me, lol, but I get the meaning! I have no magic tips, unfortunately. I wish I did! I am better friends with the frogs than the fairies, too.

Al's scarf (another irisheyes lace project!) is just beautiful. What yarn is she using?

By the way, what signpost were you thinking of posting?

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