Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Al's beautiful summer sweater

Okay, no guest blogger today. Too much pressure. I will post guest bloggers but not at the expense of great knitting. This is the thing that was in Wrigley's mouth the other day! Al adapted the Interweave purple shrug to be a summer sweater. I love the work. I am in a mannequin pose.

No peeking please at our NCAA sheet on the table. Our family and extended family has so much fun with this during March. Al and I are always a team. Usually the most losing team! We are the "knitchicks team" of course. She won't let me pick Air Force.......I had to cave. If Tennessee does well I have some fun Volunteer state photos to post. Have I ever shown the Hillbilly minigolf photos? Yes, I went hillbilly golfing in sweltering heat a few summers ago.

Back to knitting. Sort of. I am wearing all alpaca tonight as my sister Deb and I go on a Owl prowl along the lakefront. She bought us the tickets and it is my Christmas gift from her. No summer sweater out there tonight! Have you ever seen an owl in the wild? (Ha, the wild of Highland Park Ill).


erin said...

it is beautiful indeed, lovely white lace.

Jane said...

Wow, that is beautiful. I've seen owls in the wild several times. Once, in Montana, a great big white one landed on the road right in front of us. Most startling and amazing thing I've ever seen.

Lynne said...

Al! It's gorgeous! I have always like that shrug...I'm sure it will be a prettier sweater!

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