Sunday, February 05, 2006

Wickedly Round Toes

Here is my latest pair of socks knit with my favorite toe: the round toe. When you elect to use the round toe, you don't knit very far between gusset and toe shaping. This works best for those of us who do not have elegant skinny feet.

Three of the irisheyesknitters, quite by happenstance, saw WICKED at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago yesterday. One irisheyed knitter noticed the crochet cap that Elshaba wore in her opening scene. This knitter also brought her binoculars and found fingerless gloves of all sorts amongst the chorus/dance performers. She also thinks Bok's silver hat was definitely a knitted roll brim in a silvered yarn. Oh I'd love to knit for theatre like some knitters have done.

Few things keep me from my knitting. One is work. The other was WICKED.


Karen said...

Oh I bet you guys had so much fun!!! A play and knitting to admire, how cool!! My best friend had wanted us to go see it on Broadway before she got too big (she's pregnant and due next month), but we couldn't get tickets. :( I certainly can't go see it without her now, but we will go see it eventually (maybe just not on Broadway). I'll be interested to see if there are knitted costumes in the performace I see too. :)

Jane said...

I loved the books (all of his, actually) but the play sold out immediately here. Boo hoo.

Irisheyes Lynn said...

Wasn't it great? I didn't notice all the knitted things, though. You guys have good eyes. Love the new socks!

Donna Boucher said...

Oh lucky you!!!!

I love the round toe! I always make my mittens with a round top ;o)

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