Monday, February 06, 2006

Frogging and Trimming

This is the almost never photographed elusive floral frog. She didn't like the sock colors. There's been an awful lot of frogging going on around here. She's right on this one. The cabled sock is going to be recast tonight and done in ONE color as it should be.

Al just frogged her pretty cable v -neck that she began on vacation last July.
I hurt watching her rip it.

I frog when the knitting looks bad. She frogs if the knitting is....boring. I LOVE boring knitting. It's so ....soothing for me. When do you frog?

(I also cut my bangs today. Somedays it is best not to have a scissors in the house... oh well. )


Karen said...

I love the elusive floral frog!!! But I hate to actually FROG. I have to admit, if the is a small mistake that I think nobody will notice, I just forge ahead. I only frog if I've really really screwed up and will be completely unhappy with the piece unless I start over and do it right. I'm trying to learn to be less fearful of frogging so I can actually knit something without ANY mistakes.

Alyssa said...

I frog in the beginning if the yarn isn't working or the stitch pattern is blah. I haven't frogged a whole sweater yet, but I have two that are destined for the frog pond. I know I'll be able to do it, but it's so tempting to just hide the sweaters away and forget...
See you tonight (GROUP is on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays this month)!

Chicago Jen said...

I frogged an entire front, back and a sleeve in Classic Elite La Gran mohair in this lovely pale blue. It looked great on the model, but clung to me in all the wrong places. I hated doing it because I loved the sweater (IK Winter 2004) but it was just terrible on me. I'm going to frog my Here and There Cables scarf soon because the yarn is too scratchy to use around my neck, ack I would claw my flesh away! What else do I frog? Probabyl not enough, I am learning to swatch more often tho!

Lynae said...

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