Friday, February 24, 2006

And now for something completely different...

more fingerless gloves. The second pair I've made for myself. I splurged, bought, Modella, a Laines Du Nord . It's a little bit poly, and a little bit viscose, and guessed it, kid mohair. These are 22.00 fingerless gloves. I've got a good little bit left to work into my blues collection. The little crochet piping is from some llama wool I purchased in Northern Wisconsin at least 10 years ago.

I have this seasonal desire to get a kitten when its cold and boring out. Sanity prevents me from adding anymore to our home, and the fact that my husband, a village fireman, would die if we had a call at our house and it was crawling with cats. There is a sort of implication by non-cat lovers that people with more than one cat are a little loony. Ha! Anyhow, in order to satisfy my need for a littel something furry, I made these gloves.

Next up on the needles are Montana Woolies lace socks. The pattern was a gift. The yarn was a gift. They will be practically free socks. Hmmmm, does that make my fingerless gloves really 11.00? In my mind it does.


Jane said...

Cute dog and cute gloves. I hadn't thought about furry gloves being a replacement for a furry kitten, but given my yearning for the latter, maybe I'd better get started on the former.

Donna Boucher said...

Very cool gloves!
Where in Northern Wi. did you find that yarn?

I love your pooch! What a loveable face!

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