Friday, February 03, 2006


MajorKnitter Jen believes in finishing fridays. Jen, Al's playing along this time. She is seaming a lovely sweater she made. She's been at this patiently all after noon. She and I are Coke devotees. See the can on the hearth? Is it all in my head, or do I knit better with Coca-cola?

I believe I am already in the spirit of the Olympic games. Although I am not joining all the great knitbloggers in their Olympics, I am the self-proclaimed fan in the village, so to speak. I think I am going to offer the :

AGONY OF DEFEAT MEDAL to a knitter or blogger during the games. If you would like to nominate an Olympic knitter just let me know. I'll include the nominees in my posts. As a knitting nurse, I'll take into consideration pain, strain, bodily injury and flu's and viruses. (Oh knitting during pregnancy or labor are good for points as well) I sincerely hope steroids will not be a factor. I consider myself the Commissioner on that one too. The decision will be final. This Olympic fan cannot be sued for stash or the like.

I'm going to work on the Medal design now....and let's be careful out there.


Pat K said...

What a great idea! Not that I want to be nominated for one, you understand. How does severe shoulder muscle strain rate? How about major brain cramps? How about -- good heavens -- broken arms? Broken needles? Frayed nerves? Frayed yarn? Do you have an ambulance standing by for those who crash and burn? What if there are innocent bystanders who get injured on the sidelines?

I get exhausted thinking about it.

Thanks for the smile you brought me today.

Jane said...

Well, given that I'm on the Sweater Team, and given my track record lately with knitting sweaters, I will probably deserve a nomination. I'll let you know. hee hee

Nilda said...

I love the agony of defeat medal. And the Brach's messages. Just hilarious.

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