Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Second knitter and a half-pint in GROUP

This is Julie. She found our GROUP via her old roommate in NEW JERSEY. Apparently roommate found us somewhere on line and told Julie she should come to try us when she moved to Wilmette. THANK YOU OLD ROOMMATE. She's a welcome addition. We'll be welcoming her addition this spring. She's making booties for her own baby that she is currently carrying, and many many new babies she knows. She always uses lornas laces softest baby bootie yarn. These little booties, kind of float on your hand when you hold them. I'm going to have to find some of that yarn. My LYS doesn't carry it. (yet????????????)


Darcy said...

Those booties are precious! Awesome yarn. Where did Julie find the pattern? Congrats on the new addition!

Chicago Jen said...

Kath, try for that yummy baby bootie angora... dangerous!

Chicago Jen said...

Never mind knithappens, go to They have it for several dollars cheaper right now (like $9.95 a hank) and the woman who owns the shop and fills the orders is SOOO nice! If I hadn't just bought some from knithappens, I'd totally go shop there!

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