Sunday, January 29, 2006

Knitting Boards

First thing first: This is Debby at LYS looking up a pattern for me. Her scarf is made from ONE yarn. She saved me at Stitches Midwest this year when I got to the class and realized the nearest muffin/bagel/toast/ was a practically a bus ride away. Enter Debby with her STARBUCKS scone; before I could finish the sentence "Where can I get something to" she had broken it in half and given me the bigger half. Now that's a wonderful woman. I learned to come prepared to Stitches, there isn't always brainfood available!

I read a post about having one's needles taken away before getting on an airplane in Europe and began thinking. What could one knit with other than needles? Never one to reinvent the wheel, I searched and found an answer. There is something called a knitting board. If I was savvy, I could include the site and with one little click you could see it. I'm just not savvy...I am sorry. If you google knitting without needles you'll find it.

This board looks like it involves winding yarn around little pegs. Has anyone ever used this? The motions of knitting are soothing to me. I don't think this board would do the trick for me while traveling.

I tried to think of other options. Knitting on one's fingers? Knitting on one's friends fingers? Knitting with Twizzlers? Nah, too flexible. Knitting with straws? No they collapse.

Then I decided I could bring patterns and look through them. Sometimes that is as relaxing as knitting. Well, the good news this blogger isn't flying anytime soon, so I've put it to rest. I was just trying to help the rest of you.....


Karen said...

She sounds just wonderful - sharing a scone is truely selfless. I had no problem bringing my bamboo needles on the plane, although they did search my bag because of the blunt edge children's scissors (which were also allowed). I've read they even allow regular scissors now too - but I'm not sure I would try it. I've also read that you can knit on pencils and also on chopsticks!!! If you ever want to add a web-link in Blogger, just hit cnrt-shift-a and a window will pop up where you can enter the web address. I can e-mail you an example if you'd like!! :)

Lynn said...

They have circular knitting boards of various sizes at Michael's and offer classes on how to use them. It reminds me of the spool knitting I did as a kid. They sell rectangular boards as well. I have seen them in catalogs recently. It is supposed to be fast, easy to learn and anyone no matter how young or old can use them and get things made quickly. There aren't many patterns so that is something people mentioned on some site I saw them on.

Bernadette said...

What a true knitting friend Debby is! Giving you strength for that knitting frenzy!

I, too, heard that the airline restrictions have relaxed quite a bit - but it definitely pays to check ahead and be prepared. I do think there are plastic DPN's available, too, besides the bamboo. I have seen the knitting boards (circular - the Knifty Knitter is one, and rectangular - which reminds me of a man's tie rack with a long opening down the middle of the bar.) The circular one has a pattern book, and I have seen a couple of patterns in one of the knit mags for it also.

The one and only time I have flown post 9/11 was the next spring, NY to St. Louis for a convention... We had a stewardess friend who advised us on all the little things to watch out for(nail clippers, scissors, etc.) The one that would've gotten me was underwire bras - a staple in my wardrobe! I actually went out & got an all-cloth bra just for the trip! Fortunately, the restrictions are not nearly that intense any more! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was just perusing the different knitting blogs and happened on yours.
A bit of advise, bring a large, self addressed enveloppe with you. That way if they should deny you your knitting on board you can ship it home to yourself, instead of losing the whole deal.
You should not have too much trouble going from here to Europe, but the rules may or may not be different coming from Europe back to the USA. So be sure to double check, maybe get a second enveloppe without stamps, buy those there. Worst case scenario is you have a few unused stamps you can put in your scrapbook as memento's

Lynae said...

I just read on a blog yesterday where the blogger taught her coworkers to knit with pencils and dental floss. Must be a new take on lace!

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