Wednesday, January 25, 2006

King Tut era knitting

Tickets for the Summer King Tut Exhibition being held at Chicago's Field Museum went on sale yesterday. I'm going! Apparently the oldest pieces of true knitting were found in Egypt. They were socks worked from toe to ankle. Knitted in 2-ply cotton, of course, finer than fingering weight. The gauges of the surviving pieces are 12-20sts per inch. Eyestrain must not have been an issue for these folks.

Oh it will be so fun if any of them are displayed. I think I will knit a special pair of socks to wear with sandals when I go. Indigo was the color most used. Must go now. Need practice walking like an Egyptian. Co-incidentally found the young Al's artwork yesterday, in an art portfolio I kept from their young school days.


Bernadette said...
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Bernadette said...

Hi! I started to comment last night, but hit the button before I finished - I didn't want to leave the comment in mid-sentence that way, and didn't have time to re-post.

I wanted to say that I remember seeing the first big King Tut exhibits many, many moons ago... both in NYC (close to home) and in Chicago - I attended U of C my first year in college. I don't remember any knitting, because I wasn't into it at the time - I was just amazed at the beautiful golden and jeweled artifacts, how intricate and gorgeous they were. Do you know if this Tut exhibit will travel to other museums around the country as the other one did? I'd love to see the knitting now! I have made a few socks, and like them - they are small, portable, and prettier than the usual ones I buy at the store! I also really noticed the nice warmth difference between the wool socks I made, and the cotton ones I have usually bought - even the thicker sneaker/athletic socks. It's wonderful in winter!

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