Saturday, December 24, 2005

keeping Christmas well

Admittedly, I was more than startled by the ghost of Christmas past as I drifted off to my nap today. There she was showing me my knitting past........
Through the fog she showed me mostly frogging, with pathetic red spots on my face from tears of frustration. Yes, she showed me the evil shop owner, hands on hips, shaking her head as she looked at my stitches disapprovingly. I vowed to the spirit I'd buy only the yarns from her that I absolutely had to have that couldn't be found at my LYS, knitpicks, or Mosaic.

I had just readjusted my new napping blanket, when I was visited by the ghost of Christmas present. He showed me the present, pointing out my stash. Showing the family room from my husband's point of view. For some reason there were yarns everywhere. Needles were poking out of the sofas....little sticky notes were on the television with knitting abbreviations covering the screen. Interweave, Vogue and Family Circle knitting magazines scattered about the floor, making it nearly impossible to walk in the room. I was in the big chair, hair disheveled, and clearly held up by size 4 double points. Hmmmmmm, I muttered to him, I'll never let it get to this point......again, if I could.

Pulling the eye mask over my eyes to keep out the daylight, I fell into a peaceful slumber. It was shattered by the ghost of Christmas Future. She was carrying angora bunnies to my yard where I was combing the new goat's belly for the softest roving. The rose bushes were gone, a result of the llama's nibbling. The clothesline was full of kool-aide dyed wool. I was wearing a fair-isled housecoat, and knee high nylons. ....I told the ghost of Christmas Future that I thought I looked peaceful, anyhow. Then I promised her, I 'd keep away from livestock for a few more years.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah to those of you who read irisheyes. For Lynn, Lynne, Lynn, Pat K,. Bernadette, Alyssa, Jen, Al, Diane, Jodi and anyone else I missed, also to the lurkers. Keep your Christmas well this year.


Anonymous said...

very creative writing, madre, that IS how our new room looks in the present.

Lynn said...

Sounds like you might have had a bit too much Christmas cheer to drink before that nap!
Have a happy, healthy, peaceful and yarn filled new year!


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