Friday, December 23, 2005

I won the crocheted scarf at the hospital raffle

I am so happy! I won this gorgeous crocheted scarf. My friend Connie, actually ,donated it to the raffle prizes and I was HOPING to win it. My lucky day! I love the colors. I know it was her first crochet venture and she did a wonderful job. Headless Al models for me today.

I am going to get something on the needles today. Yes, I do have a dozen other things to get done before hosting Christmas, but I'll be more Relaxed if I knit first right? I was thinking of knittin a beret, but it is too french for this Hungarian. We are babushka folk. Stay tuned.

I was looking for some fun pattern reading last night. I was disappointed with what was available on the net from yarn wholesalers. Mountain Colors patterns are not to my liking whatsoever. Very disappointing.

I'm working on my New years Knitting resolution. I think I've got it. Not telling yet! Ha, dear reader, what material will I have for you next week if I tell you now?

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alltangledup said...

oh lucky you to win such a wonderful scarf. I've also noticed that a lot of the variegated yarns (colinette, Crystal Palace, Berocco, Mt colors ) have really ugly patterns too. wishing you and yours a very happy christmas

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