Friday, November 11, 2005

Rock a Bye buttons

See? The buttons are on. Plenty of time. Shower is about 15 hours from now. :)

Deb, my sister, gave us a button lesson today. Something about a shank and a toothpick and a counterclockwise wind. I think I've got it. It was a lesson, however, during my normal nap time, otherwise I would have taken photos and given a tutorial.

So the shower is tomorrow, and I wish I could knit during the event. Isn't that awful? It would blow my cover as a functional knit-a-holic. This is Susie's term at 3 Bags Full for those of us whose families know how bad its gotten, but to the rest of society we function pretty normally.

I hope there are other handknitted/crocheted gifts. I will bring my camera along. You can never had too much blogging material. I do try to keep both writer and reader amused.


Anonymous said...

Has anyoine ever told you that if you sew metal shanked buttons on using dental floss, they saty on much longer and wear better than thread does? Old time sewing tip.


Alyssa said...

Hooray! Buttons! Good job!

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