Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Knitting Ancestors Happy Day of the Dead

I love All Souls Day or Dia de Muertes. It is my son's birthday and I feel he is especially connected to his roots. Old Generational family stories fascinate him. Anyhow, this photo is of my Hungarian great-grandparents, my grandfather and my great uncle. The knitter, or one of them for sure, was my Great Grandfather. A long passed on family story is of his death. He died in a rocking chair with his knitting needles in his hands at 104 years of age. I knew that before I became a knittaholic.

My Uncle Joe is on the far right. He was a basket weaver. He, as you can easily see, had hydrocephalus, or Water on the Brain as our relatives say. My great grandmother attributed this condition to her being kicked by a cow during her pregnancy....He lived to his 50's and was well loved by the whole family.

And just because there aren't enough sweets in the house right now, I had to buy some sugar skulls at a great Mexican Store in DesPlaines. It is a few blocks away from Mosaic yarn studio so I snuck in there too. They offer a computer generated knitting custom pattern for 10.00. They also offer a 5.00 instruction on how to use the program. I am guessing its Sweater Wizard. Had anyone used this service?


Alyssa said...

That picture is quite a treasure! As for the sweater wizard, I haven't used it. I think it's been discussed over on Knitter's Review, so you might want to search the topics there.
See you next Tuesday!

Bernadette said...

My knitting instructor insists on custom clothing patterns for a good fit, saying that written patterns in books and magazines are more like guidelines. She does free custom measurements and patterns for all her class members as part of the cost of the class. If you are not taking her classes, the fee is $10. She uses Sweater Wizard (I did see it on her computer) and everyone who's used one of her custom patterns seems very pleased with the results.

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