Tuesday, September 27, 2005

loose ends

I crocheted this afghan in the early 80s. I worked in the ER as an aide and a Nurse was making this shell stitch afgan. She reminded me how to make a few stitches and I had these blues and creams in mind, and well, it still keeps us warm at night. My mom took up crocheting too and she made the cream colored chevron below it.

Marie asks in a comment, where she can buy Judy and CO. Hand dyed CURLY. Marie it is available at 3 Bags Full Knitting Studio in Northbrook, IL. I have to ask for the pattern for you. It may be a store pattern. I'll find out.

Lots of laughs at GROUP tonight. That is what Jen and Alyssa and co. have decided on for our knitting group name that meets at our local Borders twice a month. GROUP suits us fine. I'll try to get clever and come up with words that make it a good acronym for us.

Jennifer taught me circular socks in about 3 minutes. I had no idea it was so easy. The bad news is that you still have to knit both socks. I had this fantasy that this method was so speedy quick it defied the basics. Nope. Alyssa and I are still doublepoint nuts. No matter how you knit a sock, you still have to do the stitches!

For more laughs Alyssa recommends the blog You Knit WHAT? I'll have to check it out. Anyone can join us. 2nd Tues and 4th Tues of each month at Borders in Wilmette Il. 630 to 8.

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