Monday, August 01, 2005

Radar Wants a Blog

Clearly our deaf cat, Radar, has compensated by learning to read and type! They say deaf cats are the pinnacle of feline intelligence, I guess he wanted to prove it when he started watching the laptop! He is, as you can see, very visual. Hence his name, Radar. I once delighted in watching him swipe at dust particles in a sunlight beam on a very cold winter day. I should make him a kitty bed don't you think?

I want to answer Beth's question regarding Al's shawl that we shared in November. The pattern is on the cover of THE BEST OF KNITTER's MAGAZINE, Shawls and Scarves Book. ISBN 0-9646391-6-5. It was a gift from Jan. Such a wonderful book. The photos are so beautiful. The Pattern is Lotus Blossom Lace by Joan Schrouder. It takes 1100 yards of fingering lace yarn and is described as an Advanced Experience Level.

Al took a class from Martha at 3 Bags Full tonight. It was a finishing class and Al's lucky sweater is nearing FO land. So is the darling cabled baby sweater from Knitty. I may doubt myself as a knitter sometimes, but baby I can Kitchener with the best of them. I can even say I enjoy when Al asks for me to kitchener something for her!

Stay cool everyone. Wishing you a gentle breeze when you need it most today.

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