Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Oak Park Dolls

The teeny tiny crochet clothed German dolls are on display in Oak Park's Library. Aren't they cute? I guess it's my true Hungarian coming out, but I cannot imagine having the patience to crochet something so incredibly tiny. The Oak Park library is beautiful no doubt, but at a cost of 40 Million dollars a local merchant disclosed.

They second Doll we met in Oak Park was at Tangled Web Fibers: Sheryl. (I hope I'm spelling it correctly.) She chatted with Al and I. Beautiful lady who preferred not to be photo'd for the blog. I took a pretty photo of the shop window but I am afraid it wouldn't be fair to post it; it has gorgeous designs. So you'll just have to go visit Sheryl and enjoy her shop in a fantastic location. Stop down the street at Madly Popin and try some Oreo cookie popcorn. Unbelieveably good. Hemmingway's birthplace and musuem are just down the road a piece. Of course, the Frank Lloyd tour is said to be great.

Maybe I'll have a contest with some Oreo cookie popcorn as part of the prize!

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Donna Boucher said...

Hi Kathy!

Besides our safe knitting ways...we do have a lot in common :o)
I grew up in the western suburbs of Elmhurst and Wheaton...and my family has long vacationed in Minocqua ;o)

I understand the need for fudge :o)

I'm working on a nice safe sock made with pink Fixation. It is going quickly. So soft!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

It's so nice to meet you,
Donna from Quiet Life

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