Friday, July 08, 2005

Computer issues, trouble blogging photos

So what fun is this? Sorry I have to ask Lynn to post photos for me again. Technical difficulties.

I'm on alert. It seems like its all we can do. I'm thinking of all those directly involved. Godspeed.

Knitting helped me out so much after 9/11. Thank God creativity and art are such gifts to the human mind and spirit.

Al is working on a cabled baby sweater. She amazes me. Just picks it up and starts making this intricate thing of beauty. Al probably wouldn't know how to knit right now if I hadn't picked up the needles for therapy in 2001. Goodness knows the ripple effects.

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Irisheyes Lynn said...

I don't mind posting pictures. No problem at all!

Al, what pattern are you using? I love the sweater!

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