Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Progress over Spring Break

Well, we may not have gone to Arizona and I may still be as pale as the day I was born, but I did get a lot of knitting done this past week. I finished the purple tank top (below) which will be featured in the Three Bags Full fashion show April 13th. I also made an astounding amount of progress on my green Lucky sweater. I finished an entire front side in less than a week (on threes!), which is very impressive for me. I am beginning to feel better about being able to finish it now. I am beginning to look into other projects now that this one is (almost) finished. As Mom said below, I am thinking about doing that sweater but the gauge is way off on that yarn and the pattern is more trouble than its worth so now I'm thinking of doing a openwork cardigan out of the same book. Also, I still have to use my beautiful bamboo birthday yarn and make a blanket for my unborn cousin. Decisions, decisions....

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