Friday, April 08, 2005

Having a cold has kept many Kleenex in my hands, as well as my knitting needles. Inspired by sockapalooza I knitted the first of a pair of, may I say, darling spring anklet socks. Lynn had given me this fun yarn as a gift. I decided to make the cuff lacey. Closeup later. It was a simple k2p2, rib with a row of k2tog, yo, p2, every 4th row. Thanks to Claire Gregorcyk's simple pattern. Being ill has afforded me luxurious time to knit without the usual family expectations . Everyone around here has been very willing to do for themselves for a few days. Who says children growing up is a sad thing? If you havent read Mason-Dixon this week, you will get a kick out of the fainting goat explanation! Posted by Hello

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Irisheyes Lynn said...

Cute sock! Can't wait to see the lacy cuff!

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