Monday, March 21, 2005

Memories: Dog Days of Summer

My apologies to anyone in my community who unwillingly and unknowingly served as backdrop for this Dog swim photo. Look past them, see the dogs in our Roosevelt pool? Look at the BLUE skies....the leaves on the trees....the happy dogs paddling in the pool? In reality, there a snowflakes outside my window....

Hoping the Easter Bunny is bringing yarn bras to my house. I think I need them. The training bras I've been using, ziploc bags that is, are well, just ugly. The Bunny should also bring very small amounts of very high quality chocolate (no Russell Stovers please) and at least one Fannie May Creme egg......oh
how did I digress?

I will post a photo of my coming along sweater....I need button ideas please.

I can testify that Lynn's baby sweater for triplett #1, has the prettiest seam you cannot even see! (ahem, that was for Maureen:))

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maureen mueller said...

I know ... how DOES she do it?

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