Sunday, March 27, 2005

An Easter gift from the Other side

Anne Modesitt notified me that my Grandmother Olga's Hungarian Heirloom apron will appear in her Page A Day Calendar for Crochet 2006. The email came today on Easter. She wrote the pattern for it as well! It should be available in Borders/Barnes etc this fall. (along with 364 others, but ........I can still be thrilled right?)

I am delighted and very excited to show my mom, who gave me the Apron, my dad whose Mom made it, and My Uncle Bill, my Grandma's youngest son the email when they arrive for Easter Ham here in a few minutes.

The apron is, of course, hanging in the kitchen today. ( I don't think it would fit me!) I am so grateful that Anne wrote the pattern. Now all of the Ritt family can have it as well. My Aunt Elanore in FLA. will be so thrilled. She is the current crochetess and has just taught my sister Deb, how to crochet. She is Grandma Olga's only living daughter.

I feel like my Hungarian Grandma, who I met only once, has given me a wonderful Easter gift. I believe in angels. Happy Easter. Happy Spring.

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MeowGirl said...

what lovely news for your family. congratulations!

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