Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Irisheyes Knit-Over (first annual????)

Things about our knit-over:

1. Artistic Fibers in Burlington Wisconsin has the prettiest yarn bins I've ever seen. Andrea Brewer and JoAnne Cunningham, another mother-daughter team, have a lovely store not far at all from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Nice selection of Rowan yarns.

2. The Victorian B and B had darling vintage Valentines scattered about. All were from the owner's Family. See Photo post of Elephant Valentine alongside Allison's elephant button purchase from Artistic Fibers. (Times like these make me sorry I am so quick to throw things out in the name of space. How much space can dozens of little flat Valentines take up?)

3. I do wish we had knitted in front of a roaring fire, but the parlor at the B and B was cozy. Two resident felines were nothing short of thrilled to have Irisheyesknitters visit. (see Photo post of Al and Lynn : knitting interrupted)

4. Its so quiet in the country. I slept great. Photopost , Pederson Bedand Breakfast : Blowin in the Wind.

5. Maureen's Einstein Jacket is brilliant on her. Just look at that photopost: Slumber party with Einstien.

6. Snowsculptures lakeside were an added treat to our trip. Post: ice fish

7. Maureen's beaded shrug is nothing short of gorgeous. Rowans Kidsilk works up like magic. Thanks Maureen for the wonderful gift of Kidsilk, and beads and the quick beading lesson. Photo post: Irish lace

8. Lynn continues to have such a knack for choosing great yarns for the right project. I LOVE her newest mitten venture. See Photopost soon: Mittenmadness. Lynn, what was the yarn you were using? I know you cursed it abit, but it makes a great mitten!

9. I frogged EVERYTHING I had done to my second cheater sweater, (previously known as Knitting Pure and Simple's Neckdown Pullover) and the irisheysknitters chalked it up to ....oh well. I had tried to add fixation in black to the ONline yarn and it really looked nothing like what I had envisioned. Al was right, nice idea, wrong yarn.

10. Maureen and Lynn have given me a new superstition, just what I needed. I won't ever join yarns with a knot again. Phew, what if I'd gone on that way.....????

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Anonymous said...

Stop being such a yarn snob and tie on your ends like everyone else! Nobody will ever see it!

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