Sunday, January 09, 2005

Nothing like a weekend to get a project going, UNLESS THERE'S A MISTAKE IN THE PATTERN!!!! I had to rip out all of my sweater (only half of the back was done-but still!) because of a pattern error. If anyone makes the "Lucky" (not-so-lucky in my case) sweater out of Stitch and Bitch Nation please note that when they direct you to knit two rows, they mean, knit two pattern repeats. GRRR, I was so angry that my sweater got a time out for the whole weekend.

On a happier note, I made a lot of progress on my belt I'm working on (self-designed so I don't have to worry about pattern mistakes). It looks so cute! I will post a picture as soon as it's finished (probably by the end of the week since I will be working on my sweater too).

Because I was still avoiding my sweater, I also got some reading done this weekend. The book I am reading, Animal Dreams, by Barbara Kingsolver, mentioned a Stitch and Bitch club! And this was a book that was written in the early 90's! Then later I was knitting to the movie Never Been Kissed and her boss in the movie was knitting! Very exciting knitting action in the entertainment world today.


Irisheyes Lynn said...

How frustrating! I hope your sweater comes out of time-out soon and behaves itself!

maureen mueller said...

Al ...
Unfortunately, mistakes in patterns are more common than you would think (although I've found them more often in individual patterns than in popular books for beginners that should have been checked a million times before publishing). And I always tell my new knitters that they should trust their instincts - if it seems wrong, it MIGHT be!
Sorry you had to rip - I hate that and I do think it's a good idea to take a break from that project for a while.
Hey, seeing as you're a real live knitting store professional, talk to your boss about giving them feedback on that pattern - they should be told that it's a problem.

Melissa said...

creator of "lucky clover wrap" here

sorry you had a problem with the pattern, but in my defense it does say "knit two rows in clover lace st" and then below it says "maintain continuation of pattern". but i do think that they may have toyed with my pattern a little bit, but i can't prove it cause i seem to have mysteriously lost my final copy of the pattern! the only thing i noticed for sure was the changing of the sizes. My Medium size has become their size Small.

If you have any problems to report go to Debbie's website to post what you have found. i have been meaning to go back through the pattern to check it out, but haven't had the time.

thanks for the interest and let me know if you have any other problems or questions and i'll try to help you out any way i can! you can reach me at my email:

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