Saturday, January 01, 2005

Knitters New Happy Year January 1st 2005

Picture this: Why?

Because I resolve to use only rechargeable batteries and I have to go out and purchase two more before I can abuse Lynn and ask her to post photos for me. again.

So here are our WIPS: please use your imagination......

*My NORO purse roughly resembling BlackSheepBags Booga Bag Pattern. I am using Cascade in a complimentary color to frugally make it bigger. Green beads in a fuschia part adorn its little fat body.

*Neglected but ever-s0-patient like a middle child afraid to complain, summer shawl from St. Seraphina Pattern. Its shades of blue and a 12 line pattern repeat. I am going to call it Middle Child from now on.

*On Jill's needles (Jill is Al's friend.....I've called her THE VOICE OF REASON ever since she and Al met in 7th grade, and before that she was apparently Paula's friend. ) Anyhow she is making a scarf:
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, in pink. This is Jill's pattern: she casted on 28 stitches on size 7's K2P2 rib. She is making it for her mother : Peggy. So picture Jill, who is sitting across from me knitting so methodically . Jill has beautiful fingers and hair.

*Al is sitting on the floor right next to my feet. She is making a belt from leftover Koigu. She won't tell me the pattern yet. She is making it up. Do you think the college admissions people will care that she can knit so beautifully? Well they should. She is using size 5 needles.

*Al admits to another shawl. The one she is making with the bamboo yarn from AngelHairYarns in Nashville.

What books are we reading?

The Inn at Lake Devine, by Lipman. again. (AL)

Sister North, still. (me, but I havent really picked it up since I bought it last spring) but I will.

Clans of Many Nations, poetry by Peter Blue Cloud.

Zach is reading McSweeney's Enchanted Chamber of Astonishing Stories (zach is not a knitter....but he's watching Seinfeld with us so I am including him)

Jill is reading The Devil Wears Prada, by someone with a weird long last name....that starts with an "s". Thank you Jill for contributing.

So picture all that if you wish.....
and Happy New Year 2005.

That's it. Happy New Year!

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Irisheyes Lynn said...

Gee, Kath, you're very productve when you get DOWNSTAFFED! (Just kidding; I missed you at work.) Happy New Year!

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