Saturday, December 18, 2004

I loved making this sweater.

My cranberry sweater is ready to wear for the holidays and after. I loved making this sweater because there was no finishing. Weave in a few ends and done! The Mission Falls yarn was a bitty wavy so it is extremely forgiving. I am asking for other Knitting Pure and Simple patterns for Christmas.

Thanks to everyone who consoled Al after her gift was stolen. She's over it and knitting another pair for Karen. Thanks for all the kind words.

I am working on Troy's second sock, and its moving right along. I do love socks. They are my comfort zone.

Couldn't resist making a quick scarf for my neice Erin, for Christmas. Its lovely but the acrylic yarn is the meanest stuff I've worked with yet. It tangles while you aren't looking, and a certain very patient man spent over an hour wrestling it during his favorite TV shows last night.

Lynn is off to Disneyworld for a few days! With the bitter cold settling into Chicago later today, she picked a great time to go!

3 Bags Full's new schedule came in the mail yesterday. I think I cannot resist the baby Uggs night in January.

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