Thursday, November 04, 2004

Problems with photos and Blog engine right now

I have so many nice things to show you in photos, and am having lots of trouble with the free blog engine we use.....until we resolve this sorry no pretty photos!

Downright excited to start my Knitting Pure and Simple Neck down choose the yarn color for me. Its a bright winecolored red, otherwise known as Mission Falls 1824 cotton.

But I m denying myself starting until after: troys second sock is on its way.......I havent finished the first one yet, and....... after I finish knitting my friend Phyllis' birthday present for the surprise party I cannot go to on the 14th. Its a scarf and I
am going to dress it up with some beads........thanks for the inspiration Maureen.

Cant decide if this weather depresses me or is perfect for knitting........


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